Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31, 2014

WOW! Having a book published in 2014 and selling too is more than I ever expected. It has been hard work mixed with joy.

I’d like to thank publicly some of the people who made this happen:

The History Press
Tabitha Dulla, my commissioning editor at The History Press, who believed in this book, pitched the project to her editorial board and led me through the production process, is destined for great things.

Julia Turner whose copy-editing, good sense and willingness to accommodate this author made this a better book.

Katie Parry who handled the publicity for Historic Hatchville with a splendid mix of enthusiasm and savvy never said no to my requests.

Also, thanks to the design team with whom I agreed 99 percent of the time.

Hatch Family Association
Thank you too, Carl Akins, President, Hatch Family Association, who helped me find the foreword writers, Dale and Robert, and informed others about Historic Hatchville. Without your help, the project would have been delayed.

Eight Cousins
In Falmouth, very special thanks goes to Carol B. Chittenden and loyal staff of Eight Cousins books who managed the sales of Historic Hatchville at most of my events and were very generous with marketing tips.

To the event sponsors and hosts, thanks for the opportunity to reach out to the curious.

I also wish to thank the many people who came to the events to talk about their lives and learn about Hatchville. Many of you bought copies of Historic Hatchville to distribute to family and friends–always a good idea. I'm also very grateful to those of you who published reviews of Historic Hatchville.

Last but not least, I thank Rita Anne Garrick for helping me through this year- of- my book, for reminding me to focus on what was important to say at various events, and for tolerating a very “minor celebrity” in the house (our joke).

Happy New Year 2015